• Welcome to 4th and 5 th All African Farmers Empowerment Operation Summit 2018
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Summit Goals AAFEOS

AAFEOS is thriving to end all Africa Farmers Poverty existence in support of ECOWAS VISION 2020 that guarantee a bright future for the West Africans, African Union 54 States Commission agenda 2063, post 2015 sustainable development goals for Africa’s advancement with halting poverty and UN-Millennnium Goals 2030 to end Africa poverty.


All African Farmers Empowerment Operation Summit Goals The summit shall direct all farmers to commence from simple seeds to global bounty with our combination of value –added agriculture, ingenuity, and conscience... also strive to assist farmers make a world of difference.

  • Promoting farmer’s voice in the global world economies;
  • Promoting farmer’s smart agriculture alliance;
  • Sharing knowledge , information and good practices among public , private and civil society stakeholders;
  • Promoting / facilitating the implementation of solid actions linking agriculture-related investments , policies, and measures with the transition to global agriculture;
  • This summit shall influence public opinion and thus provide a framework for bringing about important changes in policies and programmes needed to achieve food for all Africans;
  • Shall review African farmers’ global commitment to the highest political level to estimate hunger and malnutrition, and to achieve sustainable food security for all people. In any event, the high visibility of the summit will raise awareness among decision makers in the public and private sectors, in the media and with the public at large. It shall also set the political, conceptual and technical blueprint for an ongoing effort to eradicate hunger in all African countries with the target of educating farmers by 60% the number of undernourished people;
  • Building global partnerships for resilience of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries to the climate change;
  • Promoting the application of scientific solutions , information and policies conducive to increase and sustainable agriculture production yields, productivity and sustainable development;
  • Exploring and sharing knowledge and responses of agriculture to climate change with emphasis on general agriculture; low carbon farming practices, conservation and new technological approaches conducive to productivity, adaptation and mitigation;