• Welcome to 4th and 5 th All African Farmers Empowerment Operation Summit 2018
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AAFEOS is thriving to end all Africa Farmers Poverty existence in support of ECOWAS VISION 2020 that guarantee a bright future for the West Africans, African Union 54 States Commission agenda 2063, post 2015 sustainable development goals for Africa’s advancement with halting poverty and UN-Millennnium Goals 2030 to end Africa poverty.


To boost food security training, sound knowledge transfer, to increase Africa’s farmers competitiveness in the world economy, making of entrepreneurial farmers, guarantee healthy living, stamp out hunger, alleviate poverty, generate employment opportunities, increase per capital income, acceleration of regional and continent integration, the summit shall ensure deep partnerships with AFRICA UNION STATES COUNCIL, NEPAD, ECOWAS, UNITED NATIONS, AND THE WORLD BANK GROUP by embracing duly the Millennium Development Goals for all Africans’ better living, shall continue anchoring on the General Farming redevelopment of the continent on the resources and resourcefulness of the African farmers, shall accelerate the empowerment of African women farmers cohere to fully integrate Africa to global economy, it shall place our African countries on the path of sustainable growth and development both individually and collectively, and it will halt the marginalisation of Africans in globalisation process and among others.

The aim of the AAFEOS summit is to train and empower participants who have passion in large scale farming in all parts of African continent. Hitherto, African nations have failed to boost food security to damper hunger, starvation, malnutrition, untimely death and unemployment. African nation’s budgets, grants, facilities, have all been characterized by success stories because of bad leadership for the past forty years; African nations input in the agricultural sector of the economy have not delivered food security to the people . Rather, African nation had manifested over-dependence on importation of food from outside Africa to feed Africans.