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AAFEOS is thriving to end all Africa Farmers Poverty existence in support of ECOWAS VISION 2020 that guarantee a bright future for the West Africans, African Union 54 States Commission agenda 2063, post 2015 sustainable development goals for Africa’s advancement with halting poverty and UN-Millennnium Goals 2030 to end Africa poverty.


The AAFEOS was given birth to as the Africa countries farmers’ governance on fisheries and aquaculture has been weak around the globe, and this has resulted in an excess of strength in the fishing industry, overfishing, and a vast loss of economic returns. Fish products have also become the object of extensive International trade, mostly from poor African countries to wealthier ones. There is a substantial chance to improve livelihoods by capturing the ‘’sunken billion’’ –or the forgone economic benefits of capture fisheries, estimated in the US $5O TO US $ 100 Billion range annually – and increasing the supply from aquaculture systems. Capitalizing on this opportunity AAFEOS will use our platform timely to improve food and nutrition security for hundreds of millions of African Union 54 States citizenry. This will motivate the World Bank Group to increase their ability to adapt to climate change.

AAFEOS on Aquaculture came up due to impoverished position of the most African Fish Farmers and online of contact with keys donors and stakeholders to proactively engage the AFRICAN UNION 54 STATES COMMISSION, ADDIS ABABA, THE WORLD BANK AND AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK, IVORY COAST, AND THE ECOWAS, ABUJA, NIGERIA AND OTHER RELATED INTERNATIONAL DONORS at improving Africa’s 54 states fish farming and poultry environmental sustainability, Africans well being, and farmers economic performance in the world’s fisheries and aquaculture ,with a focus on the welfare of the poor African farmers in Poultry , fisheries and fish farming communities in the African Union 54 States.

The AAFEOS aims to arm the delegates /attendees who presently having fish farming/ poultry /or/ who intends entering the aquaculture and poultry industries with additional information, practical skills and the disciplines associated with managing a commercial fish and poultry farms.

Therefore, AAFEOS shall conduct the practical exercises of commercial fish and poultry farms to give4 attendees an opportunity to experience for themselves the practical components of Poultry Breeding and Aquaculture including :-

  • Testing and understanding water H20 quality variables and their interactions , as well as different methods of conveying testing.
  • Breeding a range of fish species including egg layers, livebearers and mouth brooders.
  • Identifying fish parasites and pathogens, and deciding how best to treat them.
  • Feeding fish –how, where, when,
  • Infrastructure management for optimal production.
  • Stock management, which include short cuts to save time , efforts and stress on the fish
  • Record keeping -what, how, where the store it and how to interpret the data.
  • Aquaponic fish farming for all made easy
  • Raising mass fish to meet rising Africans demand
  • Stock management, which include short cuts to save time , efforts and stress on the fish
  • Aquaculture and Poultry sustainability is our essential parts of solution to African Union 54 States food security achievement in that: Food security well expressed at;

Research & Devt:Agriculture can overtake oil in revenue generation – Adegoke ON APRIL 5, 201212:40 AMIN EDUCATION COMMENTS When all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life,” then you can say they are food-secure. This was the definition of food security by the World Food Summit in 1996. It is true that only a healthy people can create a wealthy nation and for there to be a healthy people, there must be food security. Nigeria, with a land area of about 98.3 million ha, 74 million has proven to be good for farming, is still grappling with food-insecurity and youth unemployment because less than half of the arable land is being explored. To stem this tide and bring the nation back to the path of progress, Dr. Olusanjo-Joshuasville[PETERS,O.A,] Olugbemiga Adegoke, the Executive Chairman, Maspon Farms Nigeria Ltd., Lagos State University (LASU), Epe Campus has carried out research on improving crop yield, farming methods, and creating employment in the process. He spoke with Vanguard in Lagos. Excerpts: Dr Adegoke strongly believes that AFRICAN UNION 54 STATES can achieve food sufficiency if the governments act on his advice based on results of years of research. He said: “ AFRICA COUNTRIES PLUS NIGERIA Food Sufficiency Achievement studies with practical demonstration on a 400-hectare farmland at LASU, Epe campus for five years and it is now ready for African Union Commission, ECOWAS, Republic governments’ implementation.”

  • The AAFEOS shall further promote and facilitate the contribution that Poultry Breeding, fish farming , fisheries and aquaculture can constitute to African farmers poverty reduction, alleviation, sustainable farmers economic growth, better human nutrition and economic opportunities for all African citizenry.