• Welcome to 4th and 5 th All African Farmers Empowerment Operation Summit 2018
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AAFEOS is thriving to end all Africa Farmers Poverty existence in support of ECOWAS VISION 2020 that guarantee a bright future for the West Africans, African Union 54 States Commission agenda 2063, post 2015 sustainable development goals for Africa’s advancement with halting poverty and UN-Millennnium Goals 2030 to end Africa poverty.


  • The All African Farmers Empowerment Operational Summit is a veritable and credible platform upon which Africa shall stand to revolutionize a change in the Africa agricultural sector of our economy. This body is treating the desperate predicament of the neglected African agricultural sector as an emergency so as to turn around agriculture as the mainstay of Africa economy.
  • AAFEOS shall design and suggest implementation of good governance systems recommendation to AFRICAN UNION 54 STATES COMMISSION AND ECOWAS and through Inviting World Bank Investments and International Partnerships
  • AAFEOS shall also provide information, knowledge products and expertise to help ensure that fisheries and aquaculture create sustainable wealth and reduce poverty in AFRICAN UNION 54 STATES. Because in AFRICAN UNION 54 STATES poor governance and environmental degradation of fisheries habitats are primary causes of overexploited unsustainable fisheries and abject poverty in fishery-dependent communities. Hence, improved governance can result in sustainable improvements in communities, ecosystems and economies.
  • AAFEOS said Aquaculture is a new and rapidly growing fish supply source, offering a range of vital economic opportunities like any rapidly growing industry, aquaculture also faces serious challenges. It has experienced ‘boom and bust’ cycles and environmental problems.
  • However, with improved governance from AFRICAN UNION 54 STATES COMMISSION, thoughtful planning and access to information, technology and capital availability; aquaculture will overcome these odes.